Pampering is Forever!

So, it may be silly to think that there is any difference in a 90+ year old getting a mani pedi than anyone else. How cool is it to ponder that one day this may be you at 100 years old. The same desires, thoughts, needs, actions, etc.

But, there are limits, though.

She must wait until someone is willing to transport her to these places. Some of us experienced how this feels because Hurricane Harvey kept those of us trapped in our homes even when we weren’t flooded in the surrounding streets became an impassable ocean between travel points. Cabin fever set in about day 4 or 5 but imagine years of not being able to go and move around at will. Imagine needing someone to protect you from others because the aged appearance may betoken to vulnerability.

I have more of a perspicuous idea of what it’s like. My job with the upcoming documentary ‘Waking up 90+ in Third Ward’ is to illuminate the subjects victories as well as ills. I want the audience to experience their lives in the hopes of gaining understanding and action. I hope to gain enough funding to take them on adventures to really showcase how life should be appreciated and savored in the moment as my grandmother does, my great-aunt, and all other nonagenarians and centenarians.

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Graduate Student at Texas Southern University School of Communication Television/Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter Mother of three teenagers