The Wonder Twins

They aren’t really twins. If you know them, then it fits the description in their ability to defy the odds.

Annie Mae Mack, my grandmother, will turn 100 years old on August 23, 2017 in her hometown of Houston, Texas. No one is more excited for this birthday than her. Well, she’s more jazzed about the big birthday bash occurring a few days prior but nevertheless, she is really looking forward to this occasion. My great aunt, Birdie Lee Chadwick, Annie’s younger sister, is 97 years young. The family is equally as excited to honor her on this day as well.

This blog, this website, and the pending documentary, Waking Up 90 in Third Ward, is a look at these ladies’ lives and the lives of other nonagenarians. It will showcase visually their experiences, up, downs, environment; all things humans living to this age will come to be in acquaintance with, when and if the cards allow them to attain such a feat.

This is our chance to learn, love, appreciate wisdom, knowledge, etc., from these ladies and others like them.

I’m excited to finally share them and other 90+ year old gems with the world!

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