Waking Up 90

What the world looks like through the eyes and experiences of 90+ year olds. We start with several amazing people that live in the Third Ward of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Happy 100th Birthday to the amazing, young, vivacious Mrs. Annie Mae Coleman Mack! Today is her BIG, MOMENTOUS, MILESTONE day! August 23, 2017 is her 100th Birthday and I hope that the world will see that this is an incredible exception that needs a moment of recognition. You are a strong woman and we are […]

A picture that’s worth a thousand words may never tell the entire story. My hope is that it will at least spark a conversation or share insight into another world of existence. I look at the picture and it gives me hope that my family will remain close. History and reality somewhat says otherwise. There […]

I have been gathering photos and listening to her become reminiscent of the stories behind the images. It has been fun, eye-opening, and surprising at the life she led up to now. I had no idea!